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The STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) approach to education emphasises the role of creativity, innovation and teamwork in problem-solving. These skills have been identified as the most crucial requirements for the jobs of the future. 

The GMMDC has been advancing the concept of STEAM education in all its projects since 2017. The National MathArt Competition in particular, blazes the trail in Africa for "inspiring artistic connections with Maths".

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The GMMDC National MathArt Competition is an initiative of the Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre, which is a self-funded engagement centre within the  Science Faculty of the Nelson Mandela University.
The GMMDC was commissioned in 2002 by the University specifically to find innovative ways to improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Physical Sciences in South African schools and colleges. This National MathArt Competition is a stellar outcome of this early mandate, and receives the ongoing proud support of the University.


The Experience Workshop Global STEAM Network has been organizing international children and youth Math-Art exhibits since 2012, and has been a supporter of the GMMDC MathArt Competition since its inception in 2018 and continues to champion and promote the Competition internationally through exhibitions and academic collaboration opportunities.
Artworks from the GMMDC MathArt Competition have been exhibited by the Experience Workshop as part of the "John Higli Children and Youth Math-Art" exhibit at the annual International Bridges Conferences. (The annual meeting of the largest international MathArt community). 
In 2020, the Experience Workshop entered the GMMDC National Mathart Competition into the "Falling Walls" Competition of the Berlin Science Week : International Science Festival, where it was declared a finalist. Watch the inspirational video here. Breaking the Wall between Maths and the Arts