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Need more information about the competition or help with your online entry?

Please read the FAQ’s (Frequently asked Questions) or send us an email.


If you need help with entering, please email us.

  +27 (0) 41 504 2952


Is this Maths Competition or an Art Competition?

Neither! It is a combination of both. We are looking for the original way you combine Maths and Art. Both the image of the artwork and your answers to the questions will be considered during judging.

Where can I find out more about MathArt?

Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for more links and inspiration.

What do you mean by “Mathematics in Africa: past, present, future"?

This is where your creativity and innovation comes into the Competition. You can decide what Mathematics, or what about Mathematics or how Mathematics is found in Africa can be beautiful to you.

Be original and make sure you clearly explain ideas in your answers the “The 3 Questions”.

Who can enter?

All grade 7’s to 12’s who go to school within the borders of South Africa.

I am home-schooled so how do I enter?

What do I need to enter?

You need a valid email address and the contact details of your Parent/Guardian to register

I don’t have an email address. Can I still enter?

No, you need to sign up to Gmail or similar for an email address, or ask a friend or relative to help you use their email address.

Can we enter as a group?

No, not this time.

I take Mathematical Literacy at school, can I still enter?

Yes, definitely, Maths is everywhere for everyone

I am in Grade 6 or below, can I still enter?

You may enter, but your work will be judged in the Grade 7 category

I live in a SADC country can I still enter?

Only if you go to school in South Africa, Swaziland or Lesotho..

Photography is art, can I submit a photograph as my artwork?

No. You must take a true-to-life photo of a physical artwork you have handmade yourself.

Can I enter a digital artwork?

No. Computer-aided or enhanced designs or images will not be accepted.

Can I enter more than one artwork?

No, not this time.

Can I enter from my phone?


Do I have to enter online?

Online submissions are the best way for us to reach more learners and schools across the whole country.

I entered last year, but I don’t see my profile?

You need to re-register for the 2023 Competition.

Who must send their original artwork to Port Elizabeth?

We will inform the entrants whose artworks have been selected for the next round of judging in Port Elizabeth.

How do you send your original artwork to Port Elizabeth?

We will explain all those details if your artwork is selected.

What if I can’t afford to post my original artwork to Port Elizabeth?

You can apply for financial assistance to get it to us. We will tell you how if your artwork is selected.

What can I win?

Prizes differ every year according to sponsors (and international pandemics ;))


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